Why your building needs a project team

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Why your building needs a project team

Building projects are huge undertakings. Unless you get the right partner, there are several things that could go wrong along the way. This can range from running off schedule and overshooting the budget, to mistakes in the building’s construction. The latter can compromise the building’s lifespan and the safety of the people who use it.

There are several ways to avoid having issues during building projects, but drafting an efficient project team is one of the most important. Project teams help manage the individual parts of builder work, ensuring they go according to plan. Here are some of the reasons a building project team can benefit your structure.



1. Help the client in the organization and coordination of the project. A build is a complicated machine that is the sum of thousands of working parts. These parts have to be organized and supervised to ensure that they work properly. As the project owner, the client usually takes the role of overseeing how the builders work. The project team takes a significant portion of this load off the client’s shoulders by appointing different persons to supervise different parts of the build.


2. Update the client in the status of the project. A good project team keeps its clients up to date on everything that happens on the build. The builder should keep a documentation of every event on the project. These reports are gathered by the project team and the people they supervise. The project manager then makes sure these details are sent to the client regularly.


3. Provide advice in case of client concerns. The project team also addresses client questions about virtually everything in the build. No matter the size of the build, it is sure to hit some snags along the way. The decision on how these snags will be resolved may ultimately fall on the client, but the project team is there to make decisions easier.



Collaborating to Win

The soul of having a project team lies in the smooth collaboration of its different parts, so it is important to make sure the team follows best practices in its communication procedures. The construction industry in the UK has often been described as fragmented, and this can have adverse effects on the project as a whole.

Good collaborative practices can include anywhere from concrete procurement routes to a clear organizational structure. It also extends to creating clear and achievable goals at every step of the project.

Selecting a project team that works in synergy with the contractors may be daunting in itself. You have to choose people who will work smoothly with the builder and the contractors. Hence, it’s worthwhile to choose a builder that directly provides you with a dedicated project team. Darcy Construction is one such company.



Darcy Construction helps you in every step

With several successful high-value projects to its name, Darcy is your go-to mid-size builder. It is positioned strategically in the market, providing the quality build of large-scale companies. At the same time, it retains the sincere customer care qualities of smaller builders with trade backgrounds. It has an established, local name for excellence both in build quality and in the way it relates to its clients.

The secret to Darcy’s success lies in the core project team that it assigns to each build. This is an organized team of qualified experts, consisting of the following:

? Site Manager

? Roaming Quantity Surveyor

? In-House Buyer

? Health and Safety Inspector

? Construction Director

The team helps in each step of the way. This goes from costing the project to the procurement of goods, to monthly updates on the build’s progress.


With Darcy’s experience and expertise, seeing your project to fruition just got a whole lot easier.

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