Five Builders to Avoid in Your Projects

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Five Builders to Avoid in Your Projects


If you are looking to start a building project, you have a large number of builders to choose from. Each one can bring something unique to the table. However, not everyone can be an exact match for the project you have in mind. And of course, there are those types of builders you have to avoid altogether.


How do you know which builders to avoid for your projects? Here are some very simple rules that can save you a lot of headache.


  1. Avoid builders with the wrong type of experience. Some builders may be very experienced, but only with certain types of projects. There are some builders who specialize in extensions and renovations, so avoid them if you are building from the ground up. Always check the builder’s portfolio to have an idea on the projects they have worked on before.


  1. Avoid builders who issue weak quotes. Some builders have the habit of giving quotes that aren’t comprehensive. As the client, you would want to know exactly how they would approach the project. This should be reflected on each figure in the quote. If they cannot give you a detailed quote, it would be best to look somewhere else.


  1. Avoid builders with abnormally low (or high) quotes. There are some builders who will quote low just to get the project. This is a bad idea, since it will mean cutting corners on the project just to meet the quote. In the same vein, be careful of quotes that are higher than the other ones you are receiving. It would be best to present all the quotes to a quantity surveyor who can examine them for you.


  1. Avoid builders with communication problems. If there is jargon in the builder’s quote, they are expected to explain it to you. Not being able to do so means they have issues communicating with clients. This can lead to problems during the build. Also, a builder who routinely misses phone calls or appointments would mean one that is not committed to the working relationship.


Make sure that the people you are communicating with are your main contacts throughout the duration of the build. There are some builders who pass the entire job onto their contractors, almost never appearing during the various build stages. This can cause a serious breakdown of communication along the way.


  1. Builders with bloated infrastructures. Like in any field, “big names” take the spotlight in the building business. More often than not, these companies charge high prices to feed their corporate structures. Also, these companies are not known to focus on mid-sized projects.


In the same vein, beware of builders with inadequate infrastructures. There are lots of small-scale builders with trade backgrounds. While they can be called on for small builds, they may not have the right experience for larger projects.


Instead, look for a builder that strikes the right balance between the expertise of large companies and the hands-on qualities of smaller builders. One such mid-range builder is Darcy Construction.


Strike the Perfect Balance with Darcy


Founded in 1999, Darcy has a portfolio of successful projects in different fields. These range from conference centres to luxury properties and charity halls. Darcy has a local reputation for excellence. It is also a recognized member of such authorities as the NHBC, Federation of Master Builders, and more.


Darcy boasts a lean management that has all the expertise of large organizations, with none of the bloat. It also has the personal touch of smaller builders. Darcy stays hands-on throughout the entire project. Its core project team coordinates closely with the contractors and the client to ensure quality workmanship. Whatever project you have in mind, Darcy will be there to make it a reality.

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