Welcome to Darcy Construction

An experienced team with a refreshing outlook to construction.


At Darcy, we do things a little differently. Each project is assigned a dedicated team of experienced professionals.


But it’s not enough to just have a great team. We have to keep you informed, and we do this by holding optional on site management meetings, to ensure you can see your project develop.


As all experienced Architects, Designers and Clients know, one of the key factors to a successful project are the members of the team. At Darcy we have worked with numerous design members, in all types of projects and contracts. We understand the importance of developing systems where we ensure uniformity in projects, as this enables the initial set up process to run smoothly.


So, whilst is it vital to have the right team working together with similar ethos and  direction, it is equally important that correct procedures are in place to keep team members informed on a regular basis and communication routes are established to allow the project to run efficiently.


* Each project is set up with a site team and a roaming construction manager who reports back to Head Office.

* Every team has a site manager who controls the project programme and cost alongside the commercial manager & buyers.

* Regular reporting takes place to ensure the project is being managed to time and cost.

* Independent Health and Safety auditing takes place to ensure that every site is being managed safely and within strict guidelines.

* Monthly progress reports by way of Power Project Management is submitted illustrating the percentage of work completed every month against the projected programme of works.

* Regular cost reports take place to ensure the budget and costs are being monitored.

* Quality insurances and systems are managed in house to ensure that all construction works are taking place in line with the design and specifications.

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