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Corporate Social Responsibility in construction is taken seriously by Darcy and is positioned at the heart of our Company Culture. As an SME we recognise the importance of managing expectations and committing fully to our Corporate Social Responsibilities.

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Supporting Local Education Programmes

Darcy commits to support education programmes and as such, we collaborate with local schools and colleges to encourage a wider audience to enter the construction industry.

We also actively:

  • Provide internships and work experience programmes
  • Support apprenticeships
  • Arrange and provide career management, mentoring and training programmes

Provide a high standard of working conditions

Darcy believes that our employees are our family and we take pride in providing a high standard of working conditions, be it on or off site.

We provide benefits that are rare in private construction companies as we believe it is our duty to look after our team.

We endeavour to provide:

  • Private health care for all our employees
  • Flexible working for employees
  • Where possible, work-from-home plans
  • Competitive salaries to our employees

Responsible purchasing and supply chain

Darcy supports local business and attempts to use local suppliers as much as possible.

Over 90% of our supply chains are based locally to our projects and we have actively supported family businesses through generations of construction orders.

Minimise waste and recycle as 1st option

Darcy actively supports recycling construction materials and ensures that the 1st choice is always to see if any material can be salvaged.

Our projects are managed comprehensively, and all materials are ordered to ensure that the project minimises its waste. Wherever possible any waste is issued to recycling centres or offered to charitable clients who may have a need for left over materials.

Supporting local community groups

Darcy supports local community groups by providing 100 free hours per annum of pro bono work allowing charitable organisations to utilise our expert advice and craftsmanship.

Volunteering in the community

The Darcy Team volunteers with the local community and are proud to spear head the walk and talk scheme where we all commit to pair up with local neighbours, friends, families and groups to encourage mental wellbeing through the difficult Covid lock down year.

Charitable giving

Each year Darcy promotes a charity and ensures that fund raising takes place in fun and wonderful ways! This can include Sober October, ‘fun runs’, 100miles walk and talk!

We actively foster team workmanship with both our employees and our collaborative partners. Fundraising can be a great way to bring our joint values into place whilst keenly giving to charity.

Reducing carbon footprints

As a small company, we are deeply aware of our responsibility and the importance of reducing our carbon footprint.

Regardless of the project size or type, we endeavour to place as many of these tangible and manageable controls in place:

We explore the use of materials and try to submit alternatives which not only focuses on economics, but also on sustainable and energy efficient products that can help provide long-term benefits and lower carbon levels.

In house, we ensure that a car sharing policy is promoted as much as possible – especially for any office-based staff visiting projects. This allows us to help reduce our own carbon footprint whilst reducing emissions.

We also actively encourage the design and site teams to utilise local suppliers who can reduce CO2 emissions. We source materials locally and provide increased sustainable benefits.

Water usage can be managed in two manners: on site usage and end user designed systems.

On site – we actively limit water connections and ensure that the site manages water taps and limits waste. Where possible, water is collected to allow tool cleaning, and general site use. This reduces mains water use to material use.

End user designed scheme: Having a shower instead of a bath reduces CO2 levels significantly. Designers are increasingly being asked to build sustainable solutions by utilising and harvesting rainwater, which can be used for irrigation. We encourage this design though pattern wherever possible.

It is essential to recycle materials within all construction projects. This effectively reduces the level of waste products which are currently sent to landfill. We ensure a recycling plan is placed within our site procedures and therefore it is a requirement of the site manager to manage waste.

When design allows, we actively encourage the use of Solar panelling systems. These can be installed in both traditional and modern properties to capture as much natural energy as possible to reduce CO2 emissions.

To reduce CO2 emissions further, we also encourage designers to incorporate the necessary amount of cavity wall insulation and double glazing to ensure heat does not escape.

To reduce costs for heating or force drying on fast track construction projects, where possible, we sequence works to allow natural forms of drying or natural ventilation to allow wet trades to dry as quickly as possible.

Operating Equality & Diversity

Equality & Diversity holds firm as Corporate Social Responsibility and here at Darcy, it is a key player in our Company beliefs. We truly believe that multiplicity and inclusion within us makes our business successful and a better place to work. As a construction company, we take our social responsibilities seriously and ensure that all our staff and supply chains are measured in accordance with their merits, qualifications, and ability to perform the relevant duties for the role.

We believe that the construction profession needs a disparate workforce to develop innovative skills and knowledges. We believe that it is our industries responsibility to challenge barriers to entry and encourage a more diverse profession.

Darcy operates a rigorous Equality and Diversity Policy, and we treat everyone in the same way, never discriminating unlawfully.

We provide a workplace free from unfairness and are proud of our Company Equality and Diversity values which are truly visible and acted upon; we ensure that our staff is made up of equal amounts of female employees, with many of them being in senior management positions.

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