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“Visions are the bigger picture and future-oriented, while the missions are more immediately focused on the present. It is always the vision that defines the end game, and the mission is simply the road map that will take you there.”


Our Vision

Our vision: To be the contractor of first choice for all clients and suppliers wishing to engage in construction projects in Hampshire.

Our plan: To be the “go to“ Main Contractor for likeminded businesses who wish to work in partnership with us to fulfil their dreams to better themselves with us.

Our promise: We will deliver an excellent client service, whilst maintaining the highest level of professionalism, integrity, and fairness in our relationships with our people, our clients, and our suppliers.


Our Mission

Our mission: Provide a more constant, personal and professional service to ensure all projects are successfully completed to time, quality and to budget.

Our commitment: Continue to be an honest, responsive, and caring contractor to our clients, employees, and suppliers.

Our plan: Collaborate with likeminded organisations and employ team members who have our vision and values to allow us to follow our path to success.

The future: Progressively place more emphasis on sustainability and develop ongoing operating practices that will work to achieving B-Corporation status.


Our Values

Darcy’s Honesty: Darcy will operate with integrity, professionalism, and fairness at all times

Our Safety: We will provide a welcoming and safe working environment for our colleagues.

Our Stakeholders: We will continue to develop strong relationships with our stakeholders by involving and integrating them into our organisation.

Our Sharing: All achievements are to be celebrated and enjoyed.

Our Diversity: We actively encourage diversity within our business and try to empower young people and women to pursue their aspirations and contribute to their work in our industry.

We Adapt: We embrace change, encourage flexibility and adapt, with clear intentions and actions.

Darcy’s Aspirations: We are passionate about improving and bettering ourselves and where possible, those around us. Our legacy will be to leave buildings and projects that we are proud of now and for the next generation.

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