Whilst is it vital to have the right team working together with similar ethos and  direction, it is as equally important that correct procedures are in place to keep team members informed on a regular basis and communication routes are established to allow the project to run efficiently.



Key Personnel:


Construction Director: BSC Hons Construction Management. MCIOB.

Main contact for Architects and Clients from the outset of the tender process until construction works commence. Thereafter, oversees the projects from inception to completion, ensuring that all Darcy projects are built to quality, time and budget.  Heads the construction teams on sites and establishes that the correct selection of sub-contractors is made for the varying needs of a each individual project.


27 years experience in the industry.


Commercial Director: MRICS. MCIOB

Oversees all commercial and financial aspects of the projects. All sub-contract orders and procurement is managed from the office allowing control to be maintained. Monthly CVR’s, cash flow and valuations are undertaken to ensure the projects are within budget and any over expenditure is notified and managed.


35 years experience in the industry.


Marketing & Relationship Manager:  

35 years experience in marketing and dealing with new customer relationships.  Key customer building and liaising role to ensure Darcy is providing a full and professional service as promised from the outset of any project.  Follows the project through the construction phase to ensure design teams expectations are being met and works on building a repeat business clientele.



With 8 years experience in the industry they oversee both the hiring of plant and purchasing, ensuring materials are being ordered and procured in line with the specifications and at the best prices. Works with the site team to ensure that the O & M manual is being updated as the project proceeds/progresses.


Customer Care & Relations:

This department undertakes a dual role of office administration and Customer Care and relations for any issues that may crop up after a project is completed. This allows the customers to have a main contact for any queries they may have once they have taken over the building.


Accounts Manager:  12 years experience in the industry.

All invoicing, payments and book keeping is undertaken in house. This department works hand in hand with buying.


Site Managers: All have over 18 - 20 years experience in the construction industry.

Currently employed directly and work on live projects.

The secret to our success at Darcy is to have an organised, experienced core unit. Each project is assigned a designated team to ensure your project is handled with the care and attention it needs. This structure has helped us work within budget and schedule time and time again.  The site manager is in charge of all tradesmen, and the Construction Director makes sure every area of the construction build is taken care of.


Monthly Reporting

Our monthly reporting keeps you in the loop so you are fully aware of progress, it’s your project after all, and we understand  there is a lot at stake. That’s why we handle all the work, and simply keep you updated on a monthly basis, so you can enjoy watching your building progress.



Furthermore, we take our reputation very seriously, after all, our business depends on it. And that’s why we belong to Construction Line, Federation of Master Builders, NHBC, Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, and the Royal Institute of Chartered Builders.

With Darcy, you can be confident that we are held accountable for all our work.