Why Darcy


Darcy Construction is a local Construction company based in Romsey, Hampshire. The Company was founded in 1999 and since inception has successfully completed many Projects, ranging in value from £250,000 to multi £million, which means however large or small your project, Darcy Construction can have a part to play.


Over the years we have established close links with major architectural organisations, Project quantity Surveyors and key clients. We are being selected time and time again for construction projects due to our unique ethos.


Darcy is a medium sized friendly company with the expertise and professionalism of a large construction organisation. 

When choosing a construction company the problem many Clients face is that there are few medium sized contractors. There are either large national companies, often floated on the stock exchange, or small individual builders who are from trade backgrounds.


The larger organisations weren’t interested in the medium sized projects and the smaller builders didn’t know how to project manage effectively, budget a job, or even source the best prices for materials.


So we thought: Wouldn’t it be great if you could have the quality and management of a large organisation  but with the price and care of a smaller one? And that's when we were born.


Darcy are able to provide the same service and level of expertise you get from a large construction company but with the care and individual attention of a smaller one and at a lesser price.

Our whole model is more cost effective and the savings are passed onto our clients. So whilst we’re more expensive than the individual builder due to our professional setup and overheads, we come out far more competitive than the larger firms who have costly large management structures to feed.
And here’s the secret behind our success:

Structure & Visibility:

Each Darcy project is assigned a designated team to ensure work is consistent and quality is not compromised. The team are collectively responsible, ensuring that your project is managed in an efficient and professional manner at all times.

And, to let you know how things are running, we provide monthly reports on site with our clients so they have full visibility of the current status of the project.


Project Programming:

Every project is allocated a construction manager who will oversee the site manager. At Darcy we also use Asta PowerProject Programme to aid with overseeing the project from start to finish.


Asta Powerproject was designed to support the way construction planners work and is an excellent tool for all members at the team. This software is normally used by only the larger contractors, however at Darcy we understand the importance of managing progress and keeping every member of the team updated and informed.


The CM writes the construction programme for the project and issues this at the first project meeting and thereafter reports on a monthly basis against this. This programme is updated and issued to the design team and the client every month.


Cost Control:

Every project has to be financially managed in order to ensure that everyone if fully aware of costs against budgets, we undertake a full service, whereby monthly projections are issued so that the anticipated final account is always visible to the Client.


Quality Control:

Regardless of budgets and types of projects – quality plays a key factor in our company ethos:

Quality brings repeat business......

We have an excellent in house quality assurance system which is visible when you see the quality and build of our projects. We are currently working to formalise this by way of ISO9001 certification.


Experienced In House Buying Team:

At Darcy we believe in supporting the site manager’s role as much as possible with all the material orders being placed from our Head office, thereby leaving the site team more time to do what they do best: Manage your project.  The Buyer will ensure these requirements are formalised into orders so as to ensure the correct materials arrive, on time, to the correct sites and at the best price. This tight control means your project is being managed to allow maximum progress and minimum disruption.


Procurement Control:

All sites are allocated a commercial manager who will ensure that your project has the correct sub contractors – every Project is seen as an individual entity and therefore the appropriate size and type of sub contractor is considered based on their own specialist merits.


Our accreditations prove our commitment to the highest of standards and we regard safety as one of our top priorities. So much so we have independent health and safety inspectors assigned to each project.


Our method statements, combined with our safety policy, have meant we’ve had zero reportable injuries since our launch in 1999.



“Darcy have been very professional, showing integrity, efficiency and diligence on the whole project to date. I would have no problems recommending them.”


A. Daniel


“Darcy construction handled a local project exceptionally well from start through to completion. I have no concerns over recommending them or indeed using them again in the future.”


M.J Hennessey

We often get repeat business from existing clients because of our strong commitment, reliability and bespoke structure which together ensure we deliver the highest standards and consistency from project to project.


So if you’re looking for a construction company that is friendly, organised, efficient and experienced, then contact us.




From constructing new homes to managing multi million pound construction projects, at Darcy we have the dedication, commitment and experience behind us to deliver long lasting Projects.

Darcy Construction Clients include:

  • Riseden Ltd
  • Sozo Ministries International
  • Place Architects, Winchester
  • ADP Architects, Botley, Hampshire
  • YMCA Fairthorne Group
  • Relph Ross Architects
  • Brian Shaw concert promotions
  • Hanover housing association
  • Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Southall
  • Ravi Das
  • Miceracs

We are always happy to provide advice or discuss with potential clients their construction requirements, be it a single project or longer term arrangements either as building contractors or as project managers. Our repeat business proves our method and structure works exceptionally well. So if you would like to have the Darcy Team manage your project, give us a call.